Teac CD-RW890 CD Player/Recorder (CD-RW - CD-DA Playback - 32 Programmable Tracks - Black)

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Description: TEAC CD-RW890 CD Recorder with Remote

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    Product Title:Teac CD-RW890 CD Player/Recorder (CD-RW - CD-DA Playback - 32
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TEAC CD-RW890 CD Recorder with Remote
3 Reviews for Teac CD-RW890 CD Player/Recorder (CD-RW - CD-DA Playback - 32 Programmable Tracks - Black)
by Charles Knouse
Reliable, not perfect
I bought this product to replace the cheaper but unreliable ADS Technologies RDX-150 Instant Music PC hardware and software that I had earlier purchased, so I'll be comparing the TEAC recorder to the RDX-150. In general I'm satisfied with the TEAC recorder, although some valuable features really aren't usable.

First off, I find it is a lot more convenient to have the TEAC recorder permanently racked with and connected to the rest of my audio equipment than it was to have to connect my laptop every time I wanted to make a recording. Connecting the recorder to my aged receiver was a bit of a challenge. I ended up connecting it to the TAPE IN and OUT ports and moving my tape deck to the unused VIDEO IN and OUT ports. This allows me to record from both LPs and tapes.

Recording CDs is easy and the sound quality is fine. Playback of CDs also works as expected. There is also a digital port to connect to another CD player, which might be valuable if you don't already...
by Jeffery E. Tishman
pleasantly relieved
After reading the horror story reviews for the "Sony RCDW500C Compact Disc Player / Recorder" I was very nervous about purchasing The Teac cd recorder. Especially since I was going to buy it before hearing about anyone else's opinion.

I'm glad I took the plunge. This unit is doing everything, and more than, I hoped.

I was making my first recording off an lp in about 5 minutes after hooking the unit up. Most of the procedure was intuitive.

The quick guide sheet got me 90% of the way towards making my first cd. Reading the manual completed the task. The quick guide sheet left out one little but important step; Defining where the music was coming from. The unit can record from an analog (record player, audio tape, etc.) or digital device (cd player). I had to define that before I could make my 1st recording. The quick guide sheet doesn't mention that. I had to read the manual to get that info. Other than that one minor flaw the unit works great...
by Quickbeam
Works great....iffy set up schematics and customer help
I love this machine. I have hundreds of LPs and cassettes I want to get to CD (without using a computer). It is basic, simple and a great worker. I've already transferred many LPs and cassettes without any problems at all. I'm not an audiophile but the sound quality is terrific to me.

Why not 5 stars: I'm someone who has not set up a component system in many years, so take that into account....but I felt the set up diagram was woefully inadequate for what this machine does. This machine is marketed to the analog to digital crowd yet the set up diagram had no instructions for where to plug in the analog source (LP, cassette player). The instructions include no toll free helpline. It took me 2 days to get the set up done correctly. I'm embarrassed to say I used the 800 number for my amplifier manufacturer (not TEAC) and got them to walk me through it. It only took him a minute but bless that guy's heart!

After the set up issues were resolved, I've got nothing but...