Sony SAL-1635Z 16-35mm f/2.8 Wide Angle Zoom Lens (0.24x - 16mm to 35mm - f/2.8)

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Description: Product Details: Super Wide-Angle Zoom 16-35mm. Perfect for dramatic landscapes, interiors and unique perspectives on everyday objects. (35mm equivalent when used with APS-C format cameras: 24-52.5mm.) Fast, constant aperture f/2.8. While typical zoom lenses lose maximum aperture toward the telephoto end, the SAL1635Z maintains a very fast f/2.8 across the entire zoom range for the utmost flexibility in challenging light conditions. World-famous Carl Zeiss optics. Carl Zeiss lenses are prized by photographic professionals. The SAL1635Z features the classic Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar zoom lens design. Superb, corner-to-corner consistency. Resolution, contrast and image brightness are maintained not just at the image center, but also in the corners a hallmark of Carl Zeiss design. Carl Zeiss T (T-star) coatings. Internal reflections on the glass-to-air surfaces can create veiling glare, which reduces contrast and takes the life out of your pictures. The SAL1635Z overcomes this issue with the famous Carl Zeiss T coatings. Super low distortion. The lens minimizes field curvature even at wide angle settings. Short Minimum Focusing Distance. With the ability to focus as closely as 11 inches (0.28 m), this wide angle zoom lens also lets you move in for dramatic perspectives on people, natural subjects and close-up details. In-Camera Image Stabilization. Because Sony builds SteadyShot image stabilization into the a cameras, the SAL1635Z does what other lenses can't. This

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