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3 Reviews for Sony BDV-E780W Home Theater System (5.1 Speakers, 1000 Watts, Blu-ray Player, 3D)
by Andrew I. Munro Sr.
Quality System for a few months, then developed a mind of it's own !
Having recently moved, my old 2.1 system was no longer sufficient and running wires was a total 'no no' !!
This system seemed to have the best reviews and actually had the wireless rear speaker device included, unlike some other systems that trick you into buying and then you find you have to fork out another $100 for the wireless transmitter !
Set up was easy and immediately it recognized the wireless speakers without any issue at all.
I was familiar with the interface as my old BluRay player uses basically the same. Netflix and all the app's work great. I have a wired Ethernet system throughout my house so cannot comment on streaming speeds via a wireless connection.
My only negative would be that the speakers are SO light, that they are easily knocked over by my kitty kats and when cleaning. Also because they don't feel substantial, one thinks they would sound crappy, but actually I have no complaints about sound at all. Not a crackle from the wireless speakers,...
by Doug
Excellent sound and vibrant picture!
We wanted to upgrade our old DVD home theater system and were looking for something with great sound. The Sony BDV-E780 certainly delivers - we noticed an immediate improvement in the quality of audio from our old Samsung system upon inserting our first CD into the system. We were blown away by the entire experience as we watched our first Blu Ray. The picture and sound were movie theater quality. Really an amazing buy.

Appearance-wise, the system looks very nice. The main unit is a nice glossy black with sensory buttons. The onscreen display in minimal and looks nice. Most of the detailed options are displayed on your tv screen.

Initial set-up was easy enough with color coded cables and a walk through upon turning on the system. There is even a self calibrating microphone, which helps the speakers calibrate to meet your needs based upon where you typically sit to watch movies. The manual is quite long, however, so I imagine advanced customizing of the...
by Laird A. Popkin
Great mid-range home theatre, slightly flawed
I've had this unit for a few weeks - pretty much had to buy some surround system to watch Star Wars on Blu Ray, and I picked this one. There's a lot that I really like about this setup, and a lot that was pretty irritating about it, though I'm hopeful that with a little working around problems, it'll work out great.

Things I love about it:
- Very easy to set up. Everything connected the obvious way, so I had it set up in 15 minutes, without bothering to read the manual.
- The included sound check (with microphone) is great - it made it painless to get levels adjusted. All it takes is connecting the microphone, picking the menu item, and listening while it makes each speaker hiss in turn for a few minutes. Much easier than using a manual meter, playing a test CD/DVD, and crawling around configuration menus.
- UI is well designed, easy to use, and looks good.
- The DVD player is physically quite nice looking.
- The apps (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) work...