Silicondust HDHR3-CC HDHomeRun PRIME CableCARD TV tuners

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Description: Hdhomerun Prime HDHR3-CC

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    Product Title:Silicondust HDHR3-CC HDHomeRun PRIME CableCARD TV tuners
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Hdhomerun Prime HDHR3-CC
3 Reviews for Silicondust HDHR3-CC HDHomeRun PRIME CableCARD TV tuners
by D. Baker "gadget Queen"
Great, after a little work
I've been following this product since it was first promised earlier this year. I read all the gotchas, problems, etc, and thought I would be able to use that knowledge to help when I finally got the product myself and installed it. I also have an HDHR so thought it would be similar. Here's my experience:

I received it today (wonderful one-day shipping from Amazon), and had picked up my MCard (CableCard) at Cox yesterday. Hooked everything up, plugged everything in, and went through the install - so far pretty straightforward. The setup did upgrade the firmware to 20110830, however, on SiliconDust's website they've released 20110920beta1, so I went ahead and upgraded to the latest. Finally get to the part where you call your cable company, and that's where things started getting interesting. The first call activated successfully, and I thought it was done, I said thank you and goodbye. But I only got basic channels, not extended (no ESPN, CNN, etc). So I called...
by James Mccorn
Does what it claims, however...
HDHomeRunPrime provides cable card decryption for my Comcast TV. Converting the encrypted channels that you pay for (anything above ch 30 and above) into IPTV format.
I have tested it with Microsoft Media Center and have found that it works well streaming the content real time over the Ethernet. For those who do not have Microsoft you should be glad to know that they support a variety of TV watching applications (on Linux to boot). However their is one big thing to note. If a broadcast has been flagged on TV you cannot watch or record it on any program except Microsoft Media Center. Be sure to check to see if your TV provider flags all broadcasts or leaves it off by default. Comcast (which I have) leaves about 99% of their TV programing un-flagged by default. ALSO for flagged broadcasts be sure your have a complete hdcp complaint setup as the flag requires that type of DRM.

Now as for streaming stability, I have noticed that if you go to wireless and attempt to access...
by SteveFromDE
Seems to live up to the promises!
Hard to believe I'm the first one on with this incredible item but here goes! I pre-ordered this item and got it this past weekend. At this moment in time, it seems to live up to all the promise.

-> Cable Company & Cable Card compatibilty - Great
-> Hardware - Great
-> Software - size was great, light on features
-> Administrative / Network Connectivity - Great, but only on a DHCP enabled network. Nothing in the box talks about a default IP address to connect to a web admin screen of any kind or even direct connect to administer.
-> Clients finding on network - Great
-> Multiple clients - installed and had it working from multiple PCs in house, didn't seem to overwrite each other. Performance monitor did seem to show 18-33% of the 100mbps LAN connection in use when streaming/watching HD and about 2.5 GB RAM. So you can't ignore the need for a solid network connection but it was so impressive to watch reliably from one computer while...