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3 Reviews for Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery for Samsung SGH-A727
by Grover Burnett
Lithium ion battery
The lithium ion battery doesn't require as much charging , for the same amount of use as the ni-cad battery. great for 2 day canoe trips or any outside activity that requires any device that needs daily charging.
by JadedDelta
Samsung OEM Standard Lithium Ion Battery for Samsung A727 T819 T919
I purchased this because my Samsung Behold phone would not hold a charge. I would charge my phone all night and the next day, I would talk for 30 minutes or so and the phone would start flashing an empty battery. I would get more mileage when texting, but still the battery would drain super fast. I hoped it was a battery issue and not the phone itself because I haven't been on a contract in over 5 years, and since I don't want to sign a new contract, I have to buy my phones outright. Anyway, I ordered this battery and it worked great. My phone holds a charge like it should, and I'm extremely happy I found this product at such a reasonable price.
by Kristina
Didn't even work
I bought this battery for my phone, the Samsung Behold t919. According to the title, it should have worked perfectly fine for my phone. When i placed it in, the phone didn't turn on. I tried plugging it in thinking maybe the battery wasn't charged yet but the phone still didn't turn on. Good thing this only cost 3 dollars because it's going right in the trash.