Masterbuilt 30IN ANALOG BLACK SMOKER - 20070210 - By MASTERBUILT

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Description: 30IN ANALOG BLACK SMOKER - 20070210 - By MASTERBUILT

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    Product Title:Masterbuilt 30IN ANALOG BLACK SMOKER - 20070210 - By MASTERBUILT
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3 Reviews for Masterbuilt 30IN ANALOG BLACK SMOKER - 20070210 - By MASTERBUILT
by Joe
Smoker is sensational
I was somewhat sceptical at first about an electric smoker. This product works great. I have already some ribs and fish fillets (for smoked fish dip). Strongly recommend this product
by MrSal
Now I've been happily married for 23 years and my wife, God Bless Her, is very thoughtful at Christmas for me, the kids and the entire family but this one takes the cake!!..I recieved this smoker last Chistmas and have used it for at least 40 meals. Brisket, Steaks, Meatloaf, Wings, Chicken Breast, Ribs, Pulled Pork Shoulder and even cooked skoked potatoes. maybe the other folk got a defective unit but mine is awesome...I have it in my shed near an open window and it smokes great. The thermometer in the front is good but my wife got an electronic thermometer that has 2 probes. 1 for the meat and 1 for the inside temp of the cooker. She also bought me these 12x12 cake pans 2 inches deep, work awesome....also get that cookbook from John McLemore "dadgum it's good" cookbook....but there's a ton of youtube videos on smoking and recipes. anyhow there ya have it, it's a great smoker. hope ya like it. Sal
by Rock Star "Quartz"
Great smoker
I have owned a number of of smokers. One was a Brinkman charcoal "bullet" type smoker. It worked well but had to be watched over a lot. Then I decided to get a Brinkman electric bullet smoker. It didn't have any adjustments for temp and it couldn't get warm enough during the winter months even though I live in the south. Then I bought a Charbroil vertical propane smoker. It was by far the worst smoker I have ever owned. The wood chips and water are in the same pan in the base. The poor design made you steam the meat as much as smoke it and adjusting the temp was almost impossible. I also owned a wood burning offset smoker. It worked great but you had to constantly adjust the fire to keep the temp where you wanted it. So I started looking for an electric unit without a glass door. I have no use for a glass door. You can't see inside when the smoke gets going and the glass needs to be cleaned constantly.

Not long ago I purchased the Masterbilt smoker and I love...