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3 Reviews for Manley Toys Banzai Drop Zone water Slide
by Chris
Poor customer service at banzi (toy quest)
Bought the double drop falls at aldi. after 15 uses was tearing at the seams and holes in slide. Called customer service at toyquest and they stated there was a 60 return policy and that was it! Would not purchase this product again
by Lvkeller1
Good for the toddlers
It's great for the little kids!! I have a 2 year old and 4 year old. It says ages 5 and up. But I think it should be 8 and under. It does not even inflate all the way. In the pictures it looks big, fun and for big kids too. The 'drop zone' slide, is more like a baby slide. It has a net at the top of the little slide so you have to be tiny to get down the slide anyways. The larger slide is not big. It is rather flat, just long. The pool area holds less than 6 inches of water. It is great for the younger kids because they can do everything by themselves. I am keeping it for the little ones. But I have to buy a bigger one because my 10 and 12 year olds can't use it. I would not reccomend it for somebody with kids over 7/8. (it only holds 200 pounds and sinks down if 150 pounds is on it)
by Shopaholic
kids had a blast playing in it
kids had a ton of fun on it. Pretty easy to set up take down was a little more labor intensive due to the water but was to be expected. Only used it once so we'll have to see how it holds up for the next round. But from what I can tell it won't be a problem. Seems to be pretty durable. Had about 19 kids playing in it. The little slide was great too, I didn't expect the little slide to be all that fun but the little ones still had a blast on it.