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3 Reviews for Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote (LCD Touch Screen, 5 Devices)
by L. Hartness "LHartness"
Quality Remote
I have remote controls floating all over my room. Three separate ones: TV, VCR and DVD. And in the den, yet another remote for the stereo. I was glad to receive this item for review from the Amazon Vine program, because it was time to consolidate!

Logitech packed everything you need to get going with this remote. The remote, two vacuum-sealed batteries, USB cord & user manual. To get started, here was my experience:

1. Went to the Logitech website at the URL recommended in order to download a simple, free software package to my computer.

2. I plugged into my computer the now battery-filled remote, using the enclosed USB cord.

3. I ran the Logitech software, which took me through the setup process step by step. Before long I was off and running with my multiple-use remote ready to go. All of my equipment was working, even the separate stereo, which isn't connected to my TV/VCR/DVD players.

As this isn't a cheap remote that...
by Marty Gillis
Improved Design, but limited to only 5 devices.
First of all, I would give this remote 4 and 1/2 stars if I could, but 4 or 5 were my only options.

The Harmony 650 remote seems to be a scaled back version of the Harmony One. The main differences are no touchscreen , no rechargeable battery and the 650 can only hold 5 devices in memory. If this isn't too limiting, then read on. Also, if you consider yourself even mildly computer illiterate, perhaps another type of universal remote would serve your needs better. Most of the complaints about Logitech remotes revolve around people's difficulty getting their software to work. (it works, you just need to learn it)

With this remote you can control 5 different devices in any combination you need. You set up 'Activities' based on what you want the remote to control, such as "Watch TV" and the Harmony 650 will control all the functions for your TV, Cable Box or DVR , Amp, etc. (or CD player, or Blu Ray, or... well, you get the idea)

What's in the box...
by Mrs. Night Owl
Goodbye old remote controls!
This is a bit of a unique review - 2 parts, from the viewpoints of the non-techie nursing student wife and also the techie husband.

Wife's review:
My husband was excited to get this remote control. It is fancy looking with a metallic pewter finish on top (black on bottom). The buttons are well marked and the screen is just the right brightness - good enough in bright light but doesn't blind you if all the lights are out. Our TV and movie watching setup is complicated - or at least it was. There were all sorts of buttons to push and settings to change before the movie would play and all the home theater speakers would kick in. Now, I just push one button and that's all it takes.

When I say one button, I mean it. There are some deep maroon colored buttons toward the very front/top of the remote that are the key features. The ones we've put to use are 1) watch TV, 2) watch a movie, and 3) listen to music. How do these work? You have to go on the...