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2 Reviews for Krups Thermal Carafe FMF5-14 Coffee Maker (10 Cup, Black with Stainless Steel)
Java Problems
I bought this Krups to replace a beloved Krups thermal carafe that sadly passed on. This new model features too many flaws. For one, the swing-open filter door doesn't always engage. Minor issue. If you pour your water into the machine too quickly, bubbles can form in the window, so you're never quite sure how much is in the machine. Further, my model always seems to leak both water and brewed coffee from the bottom of the machine. Granted, it's only the size of a quarter or half-dollar, but you don't expect this from a Krups. Finally, the carafe, itself, pours so broadly that leaks are inevitable. Sadly, this product does not live up to the Krups' reputation.
by Frank J. Petruccelli
From A Coffee Snobs Point of View, Krups FMF5 Is A New Best Friend
Krups FMF5-14 10-cup programmable coffee machine, black.
I just don't understand all the negative reviews about this Krups Coffee Maker. Was there a plastic smell while brewing? Yes, but only the first time running only water through the machine & not at all since. Were there air bubbles in the gauge that tells you how many cups you are brewing? Again yes the first time I used it with water only. All I had to do is remove the plastic indicator, blow through it and presto no more bubbles. It really isn't rocket science.

I am not a a light coffee drinker & I have about 3-4 mugs a day, my coffee is very important to me, so when I read all the negative reviews about this coffee maker I panicked. I went out and bought a Cussinart Thermal Coffee Maker instead, that was a mistake.

I used to belong to the Gevalia Coffee Club & when I joined I got a free 12 cup non-thermal coffee maker. It made/makes great coffee. It is the one I have been using for over 8 years. I...