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3 Reviews for JBL JRX125 PA Loudspeaker
by Dr. BT
Your Own Club
I am literally blown away by these pairs of JBL JRX125. First of all these things are large and heavy (about 100 lbs). I own a pair of Bose 901s that sounded superb. But needed more ambience to my basement/gym/theater so I was reading up on large speakers. These do NOT disappoint. They are indeed professional audio speakers. Music is definitely in the house. I flip back and forth depending on the mood because depending on the song I rather hear Bose 901s louder and other types I want the JRX125. Both are head to head...though I am leaning more and more towards JRX125 everyday.

With the JRX125, the highs, mids and low are amazing. I listen to all types of genres. But my favorite are Rock/Soft Rock/Pop. There were details in that I never knew existed to songs that I am familiar with. And try to watch DVDs and you feel like are in a movie theater! The bass is NOT annoying but very solid and strong. The treble is just crisp and clear.

I attached this to...
I feel very qualified to rate and review DJ products. We own Florida's largest DJ company and are 25 states into our nationwide expansion. I bought a used pair of these today for the shows I do personally and took my own rack with QSC amp, a Shure SM58 mic, and 1 of my EAW 315Bs a(the best speakers I have ever heard) for comparison. I took 3 CDs to test them with; Dancing Fantasy (Smooth Jazz) for the highs, Madonna for the Mids, and Santana for the lows. Before playing the music I sanG some Zep for highs, Tears for Fears for mids, and John Lee Hooker for lows and they passed with flying colors. When I played the CDs I played 1 minute each of 3 songs I pre-selected, again they passed. Next I played Santana "Sam Pa Ti" and EQ'd to take out all the bass, then took everything out except the bass, then took out the bass and the trebs. Again they passed with flying colors. The negative from the sound is that the 15s overpower the tweets

Now for the big test... I set the EQ back...
by W.P. Brown "audionuthead"
Audiophile's living room living room, or sound reinforcment
I have owned a pair of JRX125's for over 2 and one half years. I drive them with a Rotel 1092 amp that bullishy delivers 1000 watts per channel into the efficient 4 ohm JRX125...they can handle 2000 watts RMS continuously. My preamp is an NAD Master Series M3 dual mono integrated preamp. I am not a JBl biased guy, I became one after destroying countless sets of loudspekers that came with a ferrari price tag, piano wood polished...veneer, and rave reviews from magazines. I talked to some gigging muscians to see what they used in their own home. They all advised that if you have a good amp with enough wattage, buy JBL pro audio loudspeakers. I ended up purchasing the same speakers that the band just finished performing a live concert with, the JRX125s. Whew...they blew the doors off of any loudspeakers I have ever owned. Flatteringly bloomy sound with plenty of headroom, air, and a soundstage that can reach the corners of our 80 acre ranch... from my living room. Yet the sublty...