HP (Hewlett-Packard) 480385-001 Laptop Battery

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Description: 480385-001 is a new Laptop Battery. HP Pavilion DV7/DV7t/HDX18 Series Battery 4400mAh.

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    Product Title:HP (Hewlett-Packard) 480385-001 Laptop Battery
    Manufacturer:HP (Hewlett-Packard)
    Lowest Price:$35.00from Kahlon, Inc.


480385-001 is a new Laptop Battery. HP Pavilion DV7/DV7t/HDX18 Series Battery 4400mAh.
3 Reviews for HP (Hewlett-Packard) 480385-001 Laptop Battery
by A. Trager
Fails in <6 months and PWR+ wont take care of it
Batteries should at least a year (the original batter lasted 2 years). This one failed in less than 6 months and the seller, PWR+, is not interested in resolving the problem. I think the battery could have been used, counterfeit or refurbished, but the description says 'HP' which sugggests its genuine.
by Handyguy "tuleguy"
It fits and takes a full charge, but . . . . . . .
Delivery was prompt and battery fit perfectly. There wasn't much in the way of documentation and I suspect it is a recycled and reconditioned battery. It will take a full charge but doesn't hold it very well. Yes, the laptop is full turned off and not in sleep mode. I have and currently use lithium-ion batteries in my cordless power tools. Hitachi to be specific. They will will hold a full charge for 6-8 months with a discharge of less than 10% after one year. The beauty of Li-ion batteries are they provide the full voltage almost to the point just before they are fully discharged. The batteries I received, while better than the 3 year old cells in my HP laptop, will only hold a full charge for a few days and then begin to lose capacity without the laptop even being turned on. I suspect some internal voltage decay within the cells which are connected in series. In short they work but I doubt that they are factory fresh OEM from Hp. The price was reasonable but short on quality.
by SJ
Poor performace.
I purchased this laptop battery through amazon, via Northparts USA, LLC (partner merchant). Initially, the battery worked well. About 1-2 months later the battery would not fully charge to full capacity (100%). Instead it would only charge to about 20 %. I placed another battery to make sure that it was not my computer or software issue. It wasn't. I am not sure about the quality of the products from this particular merchant. I question if this is a refurbished battery. I would not buy form this merchant (Northparts) again. Amazon's transaction was flawless as usual.