Celestron Telescope Eyepiece and Filter Kit - 2 Inch Format CELE210

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Description: Three E-Lux 2 inch Eyepieces - 3-element fully multicoated optical design with a 56 percent apparent field of view (40mm has 50) Comes with 26mm, 32mm and 40mm focal lengths. 2 inch Barlow Lens - 2x - A Barlow lens doubles the magnifying power of your eyepiece by doubling its effective focal length. The E-Lux 2x Barlow is fully multicoated and gives you a total of six power combinations. Five Colored Eyepiece (Lunar and Planetary) Filters - 2 - Included are Kodak Wratten #12 (deep yellow), #21 (orange), #25 (red), #58 (green), and #80A (blue). These filters will greatly enhance your enjoyment of our solar system. 2 inch Mirror Diagonal - This high quality 90-degree multicoated mirror diagonal allows you to take advantage of the wider field of view provided by 2 inch eyepieces. It fits all rear cells of Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes and includes an adapter to use with refractor telescopes. Aluminum Carrying Case - This sturdy and well-built case fits all of the above items in the die-cut foam interior.

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