Brother PT-2030VP Desktop 'Simply Professional' Labeler w/Carrying Case

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Description: Pt2030vp Dt Labeler W/ Ccase BRTPT2030VP pg.1041.

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    Product Title:Brother PT-2030VP Desktop 'Simply Professional' Labeler w/Carrying
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Pt2030vp Dt Labeler W/ Ccase BRTPT2030VP pg.1041.
3 Reviews for Brother PT-2030VP Desktop 'Simply Professional' Labeler w/Carrying Case
by D. Merrimon Crawford
Wonderful organizational tool with multiple label possibilities
The PT2030AD Desktop Labeler AC Adapter Hardware is the perfect solution for making sharp, distinctive labels in the office and home. If you have never used a Brother Labeler, you simply cannot imagine all the uses. I first used an earlier model to label notebooks but once I started using the labeler for one office task, I began discovering more and more uses for these easy to read, classy looking labels! As compared to the earliest models, the PT2030AD is a sleeker desktop tool and lighter to make portable use more convenient for trade shows, hobby activities, and other activities such as labeling moving boxes. Quite simple, it feels more comfortable to hold than the earlier models.

The PT2030AD kit includes the labeler, the AC adapter, one starter Cassette and a thick user guide in English and Spanish. Inserting and removing the cassettes is easy and intuitive. Make sure to use the tape feed when inserting a new cassette to prevent separation within tape. The one...
by J.Lane "Bornagainscholar"
2 weeks and 4 labelrs... This one has you covered.
**Written on 1/10/2012 (six month update)** I am happy to report the following review holds true after 6 months of daily use. I have not experienced anything disappointing and I am very happy with this product. I have not had a single malfunction or any "cutting errors" I speak of in the review using other machines. Near the end of the review I added a note on battery consumption which to my surprise has been very efficient.

What began as an earnest attempt at following the "Get Things Done" plan ended up becoming a crash course in Label machines. I have purchased 4 different machines and returned 3 of them. The Brother PT2030 is my clear choice for a favorite between them and for a couple of very good reasons.

Wanting to get things done I bought the first one from Walmart and it was the Dymo Letratag plus LT-100 (aprox. $18). I immediately knew it was a poor choice once I started using it because unlike this machine you need what seems like secret codes to add...
by Lizellis
Handles all your labeling needs with ease
This versatile labeler makes it easy to create beautiful, custom labels and it offers an extensive array of options as to the font, size, format, spacing, etc. While it's simple to use, the seemingly endless possibilities make the user's guide a valuable and time-saving adjunct. Normally, I ignore those booklets and for better or for worse, strike out on my own but here I was glad to have it. It's well organized and explains all the functions and how to perform them in a clear manner, eliminating my usual guesswork. The English version runs to 61 pages which gives you an idea of how many features this labeler sports.

In addition to producing custom labels, the PT2030AD comes with the Label Collection, an extensive assortment of pre-designed labels in categories ranging from office signage to caution to personal. Printing these couldn't be simpler; just select the one you want and press a button.

One especially nice feature of this labeler is that it can be...
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