Bose IE2 Audio Headphones (Wired Connectivity - Stereo - Earbud - Black, White)

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Description: Bose in-ear headphones offer a combination of quality audio performance and comfortable fit not available from most conventional earbuds. Many owners are saying how much they enjoy them.Bose sound: Proprietary Bose technologies provide a new level of listening pleasure with performance that's faithful and realistic. Comfortable design: They rest softly and naturally in your ears and feel comfortable even after extended listening. Three sizes of ear tips let you personalize a gentle fit. The shape and soft silicone material of the ear tips allow these headphones to sit in the outer bowl of the ear (not your ear canal); you may even forget you're wearing them.Bose in-ear headphones are compatible with portable MP3, CD and DVD players. A carrying case is included to protect them during transportation and storage and to reduce cable tangling.BOSE and the distinctive design of the black and white cord of the IE2 headphones are registered trademarks of Bose Corporation.

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