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3 Reviews for BlackBerry Blackberry Bold 9650 Verizon CDMA & Unlocked GSM Quad-Band Cell Phone
by Caraque
Refurbished and does not work at all
When I first got my phone, it seemed to work perfectly with my carrier in Venezuela (Movilnet) even thought it had a problem with the WiFi connection. I used the phone for a whole week knowing that "Cell Lounge" sent me a refurbished blackberry when I specifically ordered a NEW one; anyway it stopped working because it presented a "JVM error 102" and it wouldn't go on. The screen just stayed black with those words on it. That same day, I found out that the USB did not work either. I regret this purchase.

Cuando recibi el telefono, parecia funcionar perfectamente con mi linea venezolana, Movilnet, aunque tenia problemas al conectarme con el WiFi. Utilice el telefono por una semana sabiendo que la compania "Cell Lounge" me habia enviado un blackberry reconstruido cuando yo especificamente ordene uno NUEVO. De todas formas, el BB dejo de funcionar y la pantalla solo decia "JVM error 102", y no prendia el telefono. La pantalla quedo en blanco. Ese mismo dia, descubri que el...
by Jesus Barrios "jabarriosb"
"SellPhoneStop" and Blackberry thieves thieves
"SellPhoneStop" unos ladrones. No les compren. Me envio un equipo que solo funciona para digitel (900 MHz) cuando ofrece en el aviso uno que funciona para Digitel, Movilnet y Movistar. Pase dias buscando en un equipo que funcionara en todas las bandas y estos ladrones lo ofrecen aun a sabiendas que no lo tienen. Espero que Amazon tome cartas en el asunto con estos pillos. Incluso responden groseramente a los correos. Estaba tan contento con el aparato que los califique positivamente aun cuando el equipo que llegó es visiblemente viejo. Los plasticos estan rayados y no trae las conexiones electricas para Europa y China, propias de Blackberry (he comprado varios equipos). Se congela, no carga la batería, no prende, no apaga, terrible.

"SellPhoneStop" thieves. Do not buy. I sent a team that only works for Digitel (900 MHz) when offered in an ad that works for Digitel, Movilnet and Movistar. Spend a day looking at team that worked on all...
by Jose Prado
I paid for a new BB Bold phone and I received an used one
On December 19, 2011, I placed the Order Number: 102-4853384-6382659 to buy a New Blackberry 9700 Bold Unlocked Quad-Band 3G Smartphone with 3.2 MP Camera, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth--International Version with Warranty (Black). Price: $233.99. In Stock. Ships from and sold by OneGreatSeller. I received it on January 2012 and I keep it until my wife's anniversary on April 2012. In our anniversary, I gave my wife a New Blackberry 9700 Bold bought Via Amazom by OneGreatSeller. What a surprise? The portable phone was used (old). Its memory card has more than 170 photographs, among them some pornographics and strippers pictures . I am very angry about that. It is a fraud.
Jose R. Prado