Salton Black and Decker Rotisserie Convection Toaster Oven, Model: CTO7100B. ds-dh

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BD6 Slc Cnvctn Tstr Ovn SSBlk
3 Reviews for Salton Black and Decker Rotisserie Convection Toaster Oven, Model: CTO7100B. ds-dh
by Anonymous
Great rotisserie, but not really a toaster
This B&D oven makes outstanding rotisserie meats and is a big leap in value over a traditional toaster oven, with one significant drawback: it's a very mediocre toaster. In fairness, nowhere on the packaging does this product say "toaster" -- it's simply described as a convection rotisserie oven. But if you're considering an upgrade over a standard toaster oven like I was, you're probably hoping for the best of all worlds: rotisserie, convection oven, and toaster. It nails the first two, but is merely acceptable on the third.

Rotisserie: It takes a few tries to get a feel for the timing, but once you do, you get really outstanding roasts and restaurant-quality rotisserie chicken. The rotisserie keeps juices circulating inside, so the meat doesn't dry out like when you bake it the standard way. Some have noted that it isn't really big enough for chicken, and it can be a squeeze. But if you tie the legs with cooking twine (which you should do anyway, to prevent...
by Jeffrey W. Korp "jk"
great toaster oven
I searched for a long time before buying this, it is great for heating up anything, we barely ever turn on our big oven now! the only problem is that the rotisserie is worthless! chickens dont come small enough to fit, plus the skewer pops out and doesnt spin! this is a great toaster oven but dont buy it for the rotisserie!
by Susan May Pelto "Chuck Pelto"
Good, But....
We've had this device for several weeks now. We've used it for baking, rot is, toasting, but not broiling as of yet.

Here are the observations:

[1] Good device for all intents and purposes.
[2] Needs improved control of the toast function. Set to 3, the toast is too light. Set to 4 it burns the edges. Instead of 7 settings. Make it 20 settings. You can afford to pay your programmers that much. It would only be a few lines of code and a more flexible circuit. I'd rather have the flexibility than years of improperly done toast.
[3] The rot is has issues with whole chickens of 3 pounds and up. They need to be trussed up in a corset of string to avoid contacting the drip pan
[4] The beep on the machine sounds too much like the smoke detector. I can live better without thinking there's a fire in the kitchen. Change the sound to something else.


Chuck Pelto