Whip-It Whip-It! - Nitrous Oxide Whipped Cream Chargers (24)

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    Product Title:Whip-It Whip-It! - Nitrous Oxide Whipped Cream Chargers (24)
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3 Reviews for Whip-It Whip-It! - Nitrous Oxide Whipped Cream Chargers (24)
by Artificial Laughter
Arrived on the first expected day.
Packaged discreetly and arrived quickly. Box contained sufficient padding, but do not obscure the familiar rattling of the chargers touching each other if what you're going for is hiding this. All the same, I'm happy with the speed personally.
by Jeff Kimble
Great price, works as expected
This is a great deal for chargers. They are all interchangeable (meaning your iSi can use Whip-It, etc). I've never gotten a "dud" and don't really expect that I ever will. The one nice thing that people may like is that the cartridges and box are both made entirely of recycled material, and entirely recyclable.

Minor sidenote -- if you are a Prime member (or looking for expedited shipping options), these must be shipped ground like all chargers. Since they're compressed gas, they can't be air-shipped. This is more an FYI than anything and something some people may find useful, but this obviously isn't a reflection on the product.
by T. Seidman
wow, fantastic.
I love this product. In fact I've bought four, one for my mother who loves it cause she's a semi-pro baker. One for my sister in law, she's more of a casual chef but loves how easy the dispenser works. And two for myself, a previous roommate unsurprisingly stole my last one so i had to get a fourth.
It consistently works like a charm producing full clouds of tasty whipped cream. You can also add flavors, it's a lot of fun to have around... even without the whip cream in it ;)
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